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09/04/08 09:25 PM #522    


Jeffrey S. Richards

I think Bret Corbin and Doug Utterberg keep in touch with Jeff.

09/04/08 10:47 PM #523    

Scott Pearson

Jeff, that run sounds pretty good. I haven't been to Floyd's but will have to check it out. The band sounds fun too.
Dona, I didn't know Jeff G. Dobberpuhl was in AZ till John Gorski told me. I guess they were roomies there for a while.
John wants to get together and jam on guitars a bit, anyone else interested?
Dulono's was fun tonight, a lot more turned out than I expected. Probably 250-300 cycles. Good beer and pizza of course.

09/04/08 11:13 PM #524    


Dona M. Trabant (Inman)

OK that is it I am JELOUS!!

tell all guys!

I have to be up again at 5 but come on -- do tell !!



09/05/08 02:17 PM #525    


Kirk Talley

I am curious, as I read some posts, what are some of the local bands around that I should go hear? I love to go hear our college students play in their bands...whether at the Cabooze or 3 Degrees...please throw some names out there. By the way, Journey, September 16th.

09/05/08 02:57 PM #526    

Scott Pearson

Hey Betty,
I discovered that the "Liquor Pigs" are playing tomorrow afternoon at Steamboat Days in Carver. I might have to ride out and check them out.
They also play every Friday at the Eagles Club in Mpls.
Never heard them but they sound like a fun band.

09/05/08 04:40 PM #527    


Michelle Franz (Lisser)

Oh Journey....still LOVE that Band! I make my kids listen to their songs all the ttime! Oure classics. I was just listening to some of those oldies on one of our radio stations here in TX and they played " Stairway to Heaven" some of those songs take you right back! And then the other day, Dream Weaver! phew....what a nostalgic ride!!! We definitely had some great bands back then. Now I am forced to listen to Korn sometimes, which my son must play... a little hard rock for me! I can tolerate one of their songs for a while, very noisy! I can listen to Nickelback, which has some good songs...but there are a few of the bands today that are plain LOUD!

09/05/08 04:47 PM #528    

Scott Pearson

We have some awsome concerts coming up here. Eagles, America, Neil Young, Jackson Browne, ZZ Top and can you believe Cheech and Chong are touring. HA
I'd love to go see the Eagles.

Check out the concert calendar..

09/05/08 04:50 PM #529    

Bret C. Corbin

Jeff is an awesome musician and is in Scottsdale AZ. Google World Class Thugs for one of the bands he has played with there. There are others but I don't remember their names.
If you feel like emailing him through this website see if he will elaborate on "the French chicks" the time he met John Gorski and me at Joshua Tree for a camping trip at White Tank. Apparently they didn't like music.
Ask John about the wind and the fire and my ax and camping chairs on fire in the middle of the night. The only thing that survived was a bag of sunflower seeds in the cup holder on the chair. Thank God for that.

09/05/08 04:57 PM #530    

Scott Pearson

OK, maybe I won't go to the Eagles. It is getting a little rediculous what they are charging for concerts now. $66 for the worst nosebleed seats, lower level STARTS at $200 but you gotta see this, I couldn't even believe it.

10th row are $2500!!!!!!
or they have the cheaper $2100 ones at the side of the stage.
no thanks

09/05/08 06:33 PM #531    


Mark Chapman

Am I wrong or was the Eagles / Steve Miller at the Met only $10? And that's when Hotel California and Fly Like an Eagle were just out AND Joe Walsh was in the band singing Rocky Mountain Way!

09/05/08 06:41 PM #532    


Betty M. Pate (Jorgenson)


My husband and I have been talking about going to see them for about 2 years and finally drove out to Floyds. Very fun, blues/bluegrass/country. All ages show up to see them. Very entertaining. Can't wait to see them again.

09/06/08 12:15 AM #533    

Scott Pearson

Yeah Mark,
I was at that concert too. It was great. It rained pretty good too, so when people went back to take cover, we went down and took their closer seats.

09/06/08 12:16 AM #534    

Lorie M. Sejrup (McCauley)

ok jeff i viewed the site and if it really is you i will vote i can't see any reason to vote any other way

09/06/08 05:32 PM #535    


Sue McKinny (Short) funny Jeff! I knew it wasn't real as soon as they said the guy is a NORMAL person! ;)

09/06/08 06:43 PM #536    


Jeffrey S. Richards

I received a note from Judy Brevig Cenci and she has the answer to a question I had about a picture I took in Amsterdam. Here is her response. Judy thank you, I have had several emails inquiring about this. I also did some checking and the church is from the 13th century and it is called the Oudekerk, or Old Church.

The answer to your question about the significance of a hand on a boob in the walkway outside the church in Amsterdam is about what you might think.

Part of the alley surrounding the church is used by prostitutes and the bronze relief was set in the cobblestone at night by an anonymous artist as a tribute.

Naughty artists.

09/06/08 09:34 PM #537    


Dona M. Trabant (Inman)

I agree -- tickets and ticket masters are CRAZY.

The last Neil Diamond i was at 2 years ago was $160 each and that was the very TOP row at the excel! I was ticked.

We were told we were 6th row up from the stage when I ordered them. I wont go to concerts anymore unless there is a way around ticket masters!

Meloncamp was not that bad - my daughter (yes daughter) took me for my birthday last year. AWSOME.

I have seen STIX at least 4 times in the last 5 years - once with REO. I'd forgot how much I liked REO!

I miss the afordable tickets!

It will be a while before I splurge again.

09/06/08 09:38 PM #538    


Dona M. Trabant (Inman)

p.s. Jeff ...normal? you? cant quit LAUGHING ha ha ha :)
great humor.

09/08/08 11:46 AM #539    

Jenny Ler

Jeff, Is this really you?
Very funny. We'll be seeing you on Letterman shortly I imagine.

09/08/08 03:29 PM #540    

Judy D. Brevig (Haus)

Jenny -- the race is on.

p.s. You too can be President ;-D

09/08/08 04:49 PM #541    

Marilyn L. Gould (VanOsdel)

Jeff and Judy! You guys are a crack-up! That was a good laugh.

09/08/08 05:04 PM #542    

Pamela J. Williams (Ramsey)

Hi Everyone, the reunion was fun, and everyone looked great.I did get a couple comments that I wasnt always nice to some people ( a bit of a bully maybe?) but after 30 years and thats what some people still remember, its time to apologize. All I can say is that I was young and stupid. I only wish the best for my fellow classmates and their families.By reading everyones profiles I can see that we have all been very blessed. One thing I have learned, is it never hurts to humble our selves. With age comes a little more wisdom (hopefully) God bless Pam

09/08/08 07:30 PM #543    


Jeffrey S. Richards

Judy, I can already see the public support swaying your way. Why do you always have to do that? Just kidding. I will fight to the end!!!! Also how did the tattoo look at the last supporter?

09/08/08 10:59 PM #544    

Bret C. Corbin

Is Judy by any chance a hockey mom?

09/09/08 12:14 AM #545    


Jeffrey S. Richards

Bret, I think you hit the nail on the head.

09/09/08 11:32 AM #546    

Jenny Ler

Judy and Jeff, too funny. Can't believe it's taken me two days to figure out it's a "hoax"... and I work for an Internet company! So funny. Of course now I'm running too.

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