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08/29/08 07:00 PM #497    


Dona M. Trabant (Inman)

I really tried to at least say HELLO to everyone - how did SO many sneak by and i never saw them??
So -- HI -- Dana Comstock, Dennie VanPelt, Julie Meuhlbauer - wow how many more people did i miss??
Jerry -- at least we waved!

08/29/08 09:11 PM #498    


Patrick J. Rogers

OK, just to represent good old North Gate...

I remember walking to school with the Scatterellies and Morgans from 86th and Chicago to school. Some times Rick and Dave Johnson would make the long treck from Columbus Ave. to join us. It was me, my sister Beckie, my brother Tim, Joe and Bob Scatterelli, and Dan and John Morgan. What a crew.

we had some great times at Smith park in the summer, Lots of pick up baseball and playing just left field because we never had enough guys. Right field was an automatic out. anyone remember the great hockey games in the winter? Howabout Pom-Pom Pulaway

I used to know how to skate.

08/30/08 10:30 AM #499    

Patricia M. Wittstruck

I'd love to participate in the golf event, but I really don't golf. I have golf clubs and have an okay swing, but I can never see where the ball went. If someone doesn't mind having a bad golfer on their team, then I'd love to participate. I am willing to make up in "entertainment value" where I lack in golfing skill. Oh, and the reunion was a BLAST and the best one yet!

08/30/08 09:31 PM #500    

Scott Pearson

I second a Northgate shout-out but also Cedarcrest as I did 3 years at each. Years 1-3 at Northgate before we moved and I went to Cedarcrest..I used to live right next to Smith pond, great times there.
I can't wait for the next golf outing, I'll be sure to make that one.
I am up for the cycle ride next Saturday too Steve.

08/30/08 10:15 PM #501    


Mark Chapman

I was at Northgate in grades 3 and 4. Remember the classrooms called "portables?" Kind of like FEMA trailers. I spent 4th grade in one of those. My neighbor was Tony Oliva on Portland and 84th. I was at Riverside in grades 5 and 6.

09/01/08 06:45 PM #502    

Marilyn L. Gould (VanOsdel)

Great old photos of Bloomington. When my husband and I were driving around Bloomington and went by the high school, I noticed the sign out front wasn't the same one. So this sign in your photo from the historical society may already be replaced. Maybe I'm wrong, can someone drive by and see. Can't imagine what could have happened to the old one to have to be replaced. It looked like it would last 100 years.

09/01/08 08:00 PM #503    


Dona M. Trabant (Inman)

they went to the digital sign several years ago.
It's been up so long now I don't recall when they replaced it. Probably would not be to hard to check out.
I will see what i can find out.

09/01/08 08:54 PM #504    

Adam Fka Kim Lee

I personally liked the older concrete Kennedy sign. It was very distinguished looking. The sign they have out there now looks a bit tacky, but that's just me. Can anyone answer why they went digital? It now looks like an advertisement billboard rather than a school landmark.

09/01/08 09:49 PM #505    


John A. Gorski

They probably wanted to "get with the times" I agree with you Adam. The old concrete sign was classic.
I realize that sometimes change is inevitable, but geez, A nod to history and tradition is never in bad taste
Thanks Adam for the historical pics. Very nostalgic and heartwarming

09/02/08 11:33 AM #506    

Steve Town

One of the nice things about having this website post-reunion. Is that we can Make, Revise or Cancel plans or events relatively quick & easy. I have contacted many of you that have motorcycles (if I forgot someone, sorry) via e-mail about a ride this Saturday. Some of you will be gone or busy. Some are ready to ride. Here's the deal. The forecast (I know, I know you can't go by that but) Saturday is for wide spread showers & T-storms. No huge deal in & of itself. My thinking is with this Hurricane having just come ashore down south. That by this weekend it will be affecting our weather. So I am going to cancel any organized ride for this weekend. Atleast any that I am putting together. That way you have time to make other plans for this weekend BUT.

I still wanna do this, so OCTOBER 4th let's do a Fall Color Run! The route can & will be determined by the area having Peak Color. If my guess is in the ball park, the color will be around here or south of us. I will post the run info. on the 25th of September. So mark your calenders. Again I will e-mail those of you with bikes. If I forgot you, send me a message.

09/02/08 10:29 PM #507    


Kirk Talley

For those Oak Grovers that care...and who are still perusing our website...check out some of our old classmates at:

A few pictures and names of Jefferson folks we went to junior high with and some even grade school. Should I say it looks like we had more fun than they did...naw. And we may not have beaten them in football, shoot, we would have if we played them, but our website kicks their butt. (Had to get that last one wife is a '79 Jefferson grad.)

09/03/08 02:24 PM #508    


Michelle Franz (Lisser)

Thanks for putting that info on this forum. It was sure fun peeking at their site, and seeing some old friends too. But I will have to second you Kirk, our site is hands down...the best and easiest to use. This site has been such a wealth of information. Hopefully, even though the hype is over, people will still periodically keep in touch with each other through this site.
Thanks again to Craig & Betty for such an awesome job of "reunion" for those that couldnt even make the event!
Shelly ( PS/ Sure was funny reading some of those old names, my brain remembered after I read through the list! I totally forgot about Mindy Ayotte!)

09/03/08 02:33 PM #509    


Dona M. Trabant (Inman)

Just a FYI guys - if Craig took pics off your sight and put them here in the reunion pics-- DONT delete them from your sight cus they go bye-bye from here too!!
That is why Adam's all are blank.

09/03/08 04:58 PM #510    

Adam Fka Kim Lee

Yeah, sorry folks. . . I didn't know my photos on my personal profile were linked to the '30th Reunion Pics,' whereby when I edited my profile the pics were similarly edited off the '30th Reunion Pics' area too. Oops.

So be warned.

09/03/08 06:21 PM #511    


Cindy L. Westlund (Kriesel)

More Oak Grovers went to Lincoln too - their website is:

And I will third Kirk - motion passed - Kennedy's website is by far the best!

09/03/08 07:23 PM #512    


Betty M. Pate (Jorgenson)

As great as this site is - I think it would be great to see a bunch more profiles.

I'm throwing down a challenge - everyone tries to get at least 2 people that haven't already updated their profile to get it updated. Maybe we'll get double the numbers at the next reunion.


09/03/08 08:42 PM #513    


Dona M. Trabant (Inman)

I was chatting with a classmate and thought of an idea.

When I was in college I was invited to join a sorority.
I declined because I did not have the time to put into it.
Now I am kicking myself that I did not – anyway – we already have
The sorority – it is the CLASS OF 78. So how about if
We get together once a month or so and have coffee or go bowling
Or do SOMETHING to get together.

Anyone that has an idea can just post a date and time and who ever
Can make it comes and who can’t will next time.

Steve has the ball rolling with the first annual bike ride October 4th.

Keep up the ideas.

Hunting; fishing; golf; snowmobile season is coming up soon;
antiquing – what ever it is you’re not the only one that likes it.

Hey I ice fish every Feb and March up at Red Lake – any takers??

09/04/08 01:29 AM #514    

Lorie M. Sejrup (McCauley)

i got an idea.. yes sometimes i can think
how about scott p. and his buds doing a gig for the 50 birthday bash! message him and get him in on it!

09/04/08 10:04 AM #515    

Scott Pearson


Thanks for that gig idea. I would be glad to if I am in a band again, or we can just get any musicians we can and jam the night away too.

First Thursday bike night is tonight! I am sure most of you don't know about this but it is a big get together every 1st Thursday (hence the clever name)
of the summer months at Dulono's Pizza on Lake Street, 1 block off of Lyndale.
Here is a link with some pics.
It is a fun time and they have good pizza and beer.
Come on down if you want to see a ton of nice bikes, many vintage and very odd bikes and people too.

09/04/08 02:24 PM #516    


Jeffrey S. Richards

I need your help... Anyone that who knows or knew Aubrey Polk please send him an email to update his profile here on the class of 78 website. His email is Thanks

09/04/08 05:10 PM #517    


Dona M. Trabant (Inman)

Lorie and Scott -

Great idea -

We have SO many tallented people in our class we could set up a JFK IDOL show !! or as the drinks flow -- a gong show!!

Scott -- we can put you in charge of piecing a band together - we had how many hundred in just the marching band ??? let alone orchestra, band, pep, choir, concert choir ... you get the idea.

09/04/08 05:56 PM #518    


Jeffrey S. Richards

Hey Scott, Wild Prairie HD has a ride on Monday nights to Floyd's in Victoria. I hear it is a fun time.

09/04/08 06:46 PM #519    


Betty M. Pate (Jorgenson)

Floyd's is a great bar! I highly recommend heading out there on Sunday, 10/5 to hear the Front Porch Swingin' Liquor Pigs. Great Band.

09/04/08 07:08 PM #520    


Sue Ellen M. Peterson (Polson)

Betty are you going to Floyd's on October 5th? I am in! I love that band! Let's plan on it! What time?

09/04/08 07:49 PM #521    


Dona M. Trabant (Inman)

hey Scott any contact with Jeff G. Dobberpuhl?

He was big into music -- i think i read he is in AZ now?

May be wrong on that one.

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