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08/26/08 08:22 PM #472    

Colleen E Farrell (Divorced)

yum, forgot about cowboy bread, wow, I am going to make pizza burgers tomorrow....I still make the hamburger gravy over mashed potato's, that is go good on a cold day.

08/26/08 08:23 PM #473    

Colleen E Farrell (Divorced)

oh...I think, without looking at the recipe that pizza burgers were made with spam....did anyone see the spam exhibit at the fair?????
It would also be fun to have a reunion at the fair

08/26/08 08:47 PM #474    


Dona M. Trabant (Inman)

okay you guys are REALLY making me hungary!!

I have the origional school book - think i will dig it out again.

For those of you that were blessed to got o Cedar Crest -
I have Dolly Jorgensons recipies (the head cook) yummy!

upside down neapolitian cake -- takes 2 days to make but WOW is that good!

more pic's to come
I am really working craig to get them in right


take care all

08/26/08 10:40 PM #475    


Kirk Talley

Ok, those of us that went to reunion, as far as I can read, had a blast...however, we have a lot of folks that made the class of '78 great!

How about some of these Eagles that I did not see at the reunion...

Wendy Godwin - sweet on the bb court! :-)
Rick Bergien - BB stud!
Paul Skinner - need i say more...
Glen Broemer - nicest guy in the '78 class.
Pat Stratton - "PUTTS"
Joe Polson - even his sister-in-law has no idea...
Scott Eichstadt - what's up?
Kim and Kari - no need to even put a last name...
Beth Bauer - always a smile
Ann Beckstrom - no one was any sweeter...

Though I was not friends with some of these folks, they are truly some of the people that had an impact on Kennedy, in my opinion, while we were there. This list is not exclusive for sure...but I would love to see all these folks at the 50th Birthday bash at Hrbek's or Boelter's. :-) JK

08/27/08 08:52 AM #476    


Dorene J. DeLong (Bartz)

The pictures are great!

Can someone identify everyone in the Valley View group picture? I recognize some but not all. It would be great to be able to put a name with the new face.

08/27/08 09:08 AM #477    


John A. Gorski

I forgot one
Parsley buttered potatoes.......mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!
Hey Dona, Dolly ruled with an iron ladle, didn't she??

08/27/08 09:35 AM #478    

Adam Fka Kim Lee

And more photos are trickling in . . . alright! They look great! Thanks Donna and Marilyn!

08/27/08 09:48 AM #479    

Colleen E Farrell (Divorced)

Adam, great pic's from the from the past, I remember the Red Owl store, and a really neat pic. installing the Kennedy High sign. What was the year.

08/27/08 10:10 AM #480    

Adam Fka Kim Lee

I believe the Kennedy sign photo was taken in 1965.

Regarding the old Bloomington pics, they are from a police photographer named Norling who took tons of photos in the '50s, '60s and '70s around Bloomington, and kept detailed info on all the shots. The Bloomington Historical Society now maintains the Norling photos (along with many other great resources of old Bloomington), and has compiled several of them in a book available for sale. BHS also has a website, If you visit BHS, drop a few bucks into their donation box since they aren't funded too well in the Bloomington budget. Sad.

08/27/08 10:19 AM #481    


Mark Chapman

The first cold day this fall I'm gonna warm up with chile con carne. Yum!

08/27/08 08:45 PM #482    


Dona M. Trabant (Inman)

Hey John --

where are all the hole in one shots from the golfing??
Someone HAD to have some shots ??

08/27/08 10:06 PM #483    

Marilyn L. Gould (VanOsdel)

Yeah! We never heard how the golfing day went. Give us an update please.

And I just have to say this:

I know we lived in special times. Not only did we live in a great little city with great schools with great opportunities, we had lots of freedom and were safe for the most part. We all were very fortunate. That's one thing we'll always share.

My husband and I drove around Bloomington before we went to the airport on Sunday. He was noticing the nice wide residential streets; homes in good, if not great, shape; school properties well maintained, plenty of commercial business for a good tax base, nice parks.

It's still a great place. Blessed are you who live there!

08/27/08 11:36 PM #484    

Colleen E Farrell (Divorced)

"And those were the memories that have made me a wealthy soul".....Bob Seager.....Thank you everyone at Kennedy....good or has made me a wealthy soul.....colleen farrell

08/28/08 01:19 AM #485    

Colleen E Farrell (Divorced)

no... I got it wrong...."Those ARE the memories that make me a wealthy soul"....Bob Seagar....geez...hope I got it right this time....Colleen...

08/28/08 08:48 AM #486    


Kirk Talley

Right or wrong Colleen, we hear you and agree!

08/28/08 09:25 AM #487    

Steve Town

I will be posting the specifics on the Bike Run tonight. I'm looking at September 6th. Since so many of you live south. I have focused on that versas bringing everyone north to ride some excellent roads up this way. I will post it here & in the announcement section. Gotta Go

08/28/08 09:27 AM #488    

Adam Fka Kim Lee

Love those additional photos! Thanks Sue, Jennifer and Cindy!

08/28/08 03:09 PM #489    

Giancarlo John Amato

Hey All,

We had nine of us play golf at that Friday, since most of the previous reunions' golfers cancelled when they heard that Sue P was playing! She professed to be a beginner, but it wasn't her playing that was dangerous or even entertaining, but it was her insistent yelling as if she either hit many long putts or was turned on by Brian Kuznia's legs! Just joking, Steamey! You were the blast of the day!

We had three groups playing. Brian Zuznia and Mike Belew played with Lori Jensen and Sue P, while Heidi and Shirley played with me. Jerry Ingebrigtsen had to cancel at the last minute because of a work issue. Matt Harris and Dave Merrick formed their own two-some. The group with Jensen and Sue P won the best-ball format with a something under par - clearly some heavy cheating going on! Matt and Dave can swing mean sticks, but clearly the best golf occured by my partners Heidi and Shirley who combined shot a combined 15 under par. It was my golf contributions that brought our overall score up. Dang!

The day was beautiful, and the 19th hole was great! Unfortunately, I had to immediately leave for Iowa after golf to make a late afternoon appointment, but I assume that the libations continued to pour well into the evening! I hope that with some advance planning, we can have a large golf play day in 2010.

It is rumored that Sue P plans to organize a bowling evening in 2010 and raid Wade Boelter's closet for his best polyester shirts and slacks for her team's bowling uniforms. I have heard that Mike McArdle is so excited to bowl that evening that he is planning to skip his weekly pinochle league at the Bloomington VFW Hall. Even after all of these years, you still give, don't you Mike?

If we can get Wittstruck, Hrbek, and Patte to play golf, I suspect the good time level will increase dramatically! We all have two years to clear our calendars, so let's make this 50th birthday party better than any surprise party you may have with family and friends!


Don Vito (or is that Vino?)

08/28/08 10:27 PM #490    

Colleen E Farrell (Divorced)

Gian Carlo...SUE ELLEN PETERSON is and will always be one of the most amazing people that I have ever met....She was my best friend in grade 4 and I will love her until I die....It's no wonder that she was the most popular girl from grade 4 until she graduated from Kennedy....She has Charisma...Kudo's to you Sue Ellen....You have my vote...for any office you wish to run for...Hey how come you did not get a picture of you and I together would have gone well with the pictures you showed me at the reunion when we were 10 years old playing with barbies....Life would be totally boring without always colleen....p.s...
John Carlos Amoto....I also remember you with fondness....Colleen Farrell Carr... Caio

08/29/08 10:20 AM #491    

Giancarlo John Amato

Thanks, Colleen! Even with as much grief that I give Sue P, she is one of my favorites too. She just doesn't need to know that, right? ;-)

Thanks for the greeting! You are great!


08/29/08 11:07 AM #492    


Sue Ellen M. Peterson (Polson)

Oh I know it alright! Got ya sucker! Once again I must say it was a great weekend! Hope we all stay on this website and stay in touch for a long time.

Oh and by the way John I was screaming on those holes just to psyche you out! Ha! Maybe next time you can be on our team!

4th grade was the best ever, boy did we cause some havoc! I was so glad you made it to the reunion and we could spend some time together. Next time I will bring the barbies! Everyone have a great holiday weekend, I am off to California for the weekend!

08/29/08 03:00 PM #493    


Kirk Talley

Some great pictures of Pond elementary Adam! I remember Pond too...we (Riverside) beat ya'll, in the Pond gym, playing floor hockey (Why I remember the score I do not know.) 17-1. :-) True story...anyone remember that? Don Sahli and I played on the defensve side. You could not cross the mid-court line.

Just giving you Pond folks a hard time! :-)

Anyone remember Don Sahli (not sure of spelling)?

Go Eagles...

08/29/08 03:05 PM #494    

Adam Fka Kim Lee

For those who attended F.Wilson Pond Elementary: before I left yesterday to fly home, I wandered the halls at Pond and took pictures of some familiar items for fun. Check 'em out on my profile. I can't believe how well preserved the school is!

08/29/08 04:04 PM #495    

Giancarlo John Amato

Nobody has yet mentioned the great Northgate Elementary School! Can I get a shout from some my fellow Northgaters from the north side of town???

08/29/08 06:53 PM #496    


Dona M. Trabant (Inman)

Sorry guys but NO one beat good old CedarCrest!!
right Shirley, Bob, Mike, Marilyn, Kim , Betsy, I could go on and on but i think you get the point!

Besides who had the best FOOD Cedarcrest!!
and we have the recipe book to prove it :) yumm...

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