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08/25/08 12:19 PM #447    


Betty M. Pate (Jorgenson)

Cindy - thanks for the nod but as I told several people Saturday - the whole evening is thanks to Craig. He did it all, I was merely a contact name who got people to man the registration table. Craig - you outdid yourself. To say this website has been a hit is putting it mildly. The enthusiasm and buzz that this site created was the talk of the night! Thank you so much. And, if it's true, that you want to step down I hope it won't be completely, because you have done a fantastic job! I hope to load pictures soon.

I thought it was great to see people lining up for the Elementary school group shots and everyone scrambling to make sure that everyone was included.

Jon - I love your idea for a 50th Golf Tourney and party afterward.

08/25/08 01:49 PM #448    


Cindy L. Westlund (Kriesel)

Betty - "Thanks" for being such a great contact person too, then! Sounds like Craig's wife deserves a thanks for her help with the website too. In any case - it was great fun.

08/25/08 02:45 PM #449    

Steve Town

Since not all of us golf.(My game could actually be called more of a Search & Recovery Mission then golf) Some of us prefer to ride motorcycles. We are going to plan a run, I'm thinkin' the 6th of September. So check in on this website for a post in the Announcement section. Then while there playing golf for the 50th birthday we'll do another run. Anyone that might want to go along but you don't have a Motorcycle, there might be a few passenger seats open.

Michelle maybe I could cut & paste you in too?? I'll have to give it a shot later tonight. Gotta fly

08/25/08 03:11 PM #450    


Mark Chapman

Looks like it was a real ball. Thanks to everyone for putting the pictures and stories out there so we can all be part of it.

08/25/08 03:13 PM #451    


John A. Gorski

OK, so what's all this talk about a 50 year old get together?? I swear I didn't see anybody over 35 at the reunion.
I just wanted to chime in and say that I had a blast on Saturday night. From the first notification, to the preparation and behind the scenes work, to the website, to the food, and leading all the way up to the main event and all who showed up, This could not have been planned any better.
So many memories flowing through the air, the entire night was abuzz with good cheer and friendships revisited and renewed. It was amazing to me how you could have a 10 minute conversation with someone who was a casual acquaintance at best during school but felt like a long lost friend.
To all the ladies.............Wow, you look terrific
To all the guys.......... We never did look as good as the girls, so let's just say that we're like a fine wine (or scotch if you prefer)that is aging well.
To everyone involved I have one word......"BULLY!!"(that's for you Betty)
Thanks again EVERYONE for a wonderful evening, and looking forward to our collective (ahem..) 50th birthday bash

08/25/08 04:46 PM #452    


Julie M. Boeser (O'Hara)

Oh my! What a wonderful time I had! I wish I didn't have to leave so early! Next time I will plan to stay through Monday!

Everyone looked wonderful! I didn't see one person who looked old enough to be a grandparent!

Thanks Craig for doing such a wonderful job yet again!

08/25/08 04:56 PM #453    

Peggy -Margaret A. Leach

First of all, thank you Craig, Craig’s wife and Betty for all the work you did to put together such a great event. Also, thanks Adam Lee for getting the message to me about the reunion. I am so glad I went and it was great to see so many of you!! The pictures are so much fun to look at! Thanks for posting them. Here’s to class of 78.
Cheers ~ Peggy

08/25/08 07:31 PM #454    

Colleen E Farrell (Divorced)

So glad that I was able to come to the reunion. THANKS CRAIG AND BETTY. You guys did a great job. It was well worth the 20 hour drive to get there. My husband Glen grew up in a small town here in Alberta and his graduating class was only 10 people. He was surprised at the amount of people and it was not even 1/4 of us.
It was great to see all of the people that came and share some awesome memories.
I can't remember the last time I went to bed giggeling and woke up giggeling.

08/25/08 08:05 PM #455    

Marilyn L. Gould (VanOsdel)

I agree with everyone. This reunion was "Spot On!" The commaraderie, the authentic re-aquainting, the food (which looked awesome unfortunately I had already had dinner - won't do that again!), and not wanting it to end and having to be asked to leave the room at 12:30pm and then continuing with more visiting for another couple of hours, more for others - Wow! I too will take a Monday plane next time instead of Sunday so as to not miss the picnic. Thank you Craig and kudos to your wife. WE ALL APPRECIATED IT VERY MUCH!!! Thanks for the memories!

Did anyone get a Cedarcrest photo on their camera?

08/25/08 09:24 PM #456    


Dona M. Trabant (Inman)

WOW -- I want to know what Kim McNamee(Wickland) and Betsy Wesner take for vitamines!! They both look like they did in JR High! Now I really feel old!

Kim and Shirley Tesch disappeared before the pic's even.
What's up with that? Party poopers.

Marilyn -- yes I have one and will forward it to you.

All the pic's I took are slowly being forwarded to Craig-
as is the video. Don't know if he will be able to open that one.

Keep up the postings - this is tons of fun seeing all the new entries.

08/26/08 12:45 AM #457    

Steve Town

O.K. Michelle F.. Your now part of the Riverside pic. I've posted it in my profile. You weren't as easy as Jeff was to slide into the picture. But that's mainly because, well ya weren't there. Maybe wanna work on that for the 50th, birthday bash, get together, party, deal, plan, thing. And your right, I told Julie Olsen I could show her our 2nd grade class picture & she looks the exact same. She wasn't buyin' it coming from me, but it's true! And I can prove it! I wasn't just bein' nice, see Julie?

08/26/08 08:26 AM #458    


Sue Ellen M. Peterson (Polson)

Okay Amato what's with the pole dancing? Thanks Judy! Once again thanks Craig! It was one of the best reunions yet! I am totally in for the 50th party. You know me, don't want to miss a party! Glad to see Everhart could make the picnic! Way to go to bed and get back up again! Hope to see all of you again at the 50th birthday bash! Keep posting in the forum and updating your profiles. This is the best! Cheers to all!

08/26/08 09:54 AM #459    


Michelle Franz (Lisser)

Maybe I was the little angel looking over the old Riverside gang? Kind of looks like it, Thanks for adding me to the photo 'inabsentia' And Kathy "Supalo" looked great in that photo too. Not that you guys looked like you have aged or anything..

(ps/ were Dyan "Flatten" & who is on the far left, that isnt Pat "Stratton" using maiden names...was it?)


08/26/08 10:26 AM #460    

Giancarlo John Amato

OKay, Craig and the rest of my fellow lunatic 78'ers,

Let's plan the golf for a noon time deal in early August of 2010 and at the same time, let's plan on a biker rally at the Kennedy parking lot in the late afternoon after those of you with cool bikes have riden all afternoon showing off your chrome and black leather chaps. It does seem like several classmates own Harleys and look great on them! We can get to the Rally after the golf.

We can then have a BBQ at a home TBA, so if there is anybody out there close to Bloomington who would be willing to host our group (not pay for)that would be great! If we do not get any volunteers, I may have to "make someone an offer they can't refuse!"

I will put in my tickler file to contact Craig during the spring of 2010 to settle on a date for this "tweener" reunion. I am sure Craig would love to see more event ideas if you have them.

BTW, I am going to have to admit that the women aged much better than us guys! Judging by the photos, it is not even a close race! How did you ladies do it?

Best to all! See you in 2010! Cheers!


08/26/08 03:21 PM #461    

Adam Fka Kim Lee

Hey, where are all the reunion photos? Aside from Steve Frasier, Steve Town, Donna Trabant and myself, I know there were several other cameras snapping away at the event. Please share your photos with Craig!

And for you history buffs, the Bloomington Historical Society on Old Shakopee and Penn has a huge archive of old photos, and today I found a great photo of the Kennedy High School sign being installed back in '65. Check it out on my profile.

08/26/08 04:03 PM #462    


Michelle Franz (Lisser)

Thanks for posting those old pix! TOO FUNNY! ( I still never found out about the bait shop! )

JOhn Amato-- Maybe try and get the McArdles into hosting the Bar-B-Que, I think they still love close to JFK.

08/26/08 04:19 PM #463    

Marilyn L. Gould (VanOsdel)

Adam and others,
I sent photos to Craig and Dona Trabant is working on sending hers as well as a video! Yikes! What did she catch on video?! So, we'll all just have to be a little patient and wait for Craig. Good things take time ya know.

And as for how well people looked at the reunion, I would have to say that there were quite a lot of guys who have maintained good looks as well as ladies. You guys have aged well - like John Gorski said, "like fine wine".

Vive les camarades de classe de Kennedy de 1978!!
(No, I don't know French - I googled it) Who can translate it? ;)

08/26/08 04:32 PM #464    


John A. Gorski

I just noticed that Julie Boeser posted a site for a bloomington school cook book.
I got the original pizzaburger recipe about 10 years ago when I ran into a former Portland cook and have been enjoying them for years. So here's a thought.........
Incorporate some of our favorite recipes for the "Class of '78 turns 50" bash. Pizzaburgers are SO easy to make (how many of you know that the main ingredients are hamburger and Spam?)
How about some other favorites?? like orange jello with carrots? Turkey in gravy on mashed potatoes
I'm getting hungry

08/26/08 04:42 PM #465    

Adam Fka Kim Lee

. . . don't forget the baked spaghetti! I loved the baked spaghetti!

08/26/08 05:16 PM #466    


John A. Gorski

Hey Adam,

Great to see you on saturday.
I forgot about baked spaghetti. Served with an ice cream scooper right??
Another thing. At my store we sell the old divided lunch trays during the summer months, complete with the section with a circle in it for your milk.
I use them for 4th of July bbq's and my sister uses them for Thanksgiving.
They're awesome

08/26/08 05:38 PM #467    

Jenny Ler

To everyone who was at the reunion—those I had the pleasure of talking to and those with whom I didn’t get the chance—what a great night. Each and every conversation, familiar face, smile, gesture, laugh… it all brought back such a rush of memories and a feeling I can only describe as heartwarming. Thanks everyone for making this a great reunion. And thanks Craig for a job well done.

And I’d also like to add my kudos, along with everyone else, for a job well done on the website. The Internet has an amazing way of connecting people—and what better example than the sense of familiarity and connection has helped create despite the years, distance, disparate lives, and those invisible boundaries created by neighborhoods, grade school and junior high delineations. What a pleasure to cut to the chase at the reunion, not having to tell the same stories over and over (for those of us whose bios were up), and to immediately know where paths had crossed over the years to quickly get to mutually shared interests and experiences. It was great to really talk to so many former classmates, some perhaps for the first time.

All in all, it was great seeing every last one of you. And I look forward to continuing what seems like too many unfinished conversations, having awakened the morning after with follow up questions for so many of you.

For all who said you were planning to visit New York City, hoping to visit one day, had family in the city or children interested in moving here… I hope you’ll look me up when the time comes. Until then, or the next reunion, I wish everyone good health and much happiness!

08/26/08 06:20 PM #468    


Cindy L. Westlund (Kriesel)

I forgot about Flying Saucers - yum! Thanks Julie.

08/26/08 06:33 PM #469    

Betsy J. Wesner (Kestner)

I am so excited to make pizza burgers!!!!! How great is this?? Thanks Julie!

08/26/08 06:49 PM #470    

Scott Pearson

Yum, me too! What a great recipe book find. Thanks!

08/26/08 07:13 PM #471    


Betty M. Pate (Jorgenson)

And let's not forget Cowboy Bread! I hate to brag but I have inherited the School Cookbook from my Mom. Anyone needing recipes let me know.

Wait, now that I've offered I guess I have to have the cookbook at work with me! Hmmm, where did I put that?

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