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08/23/08 10:08 PM #422    

Scott Pearson

Hey gang,
I wish I could've made the reunion too.
Hope to hook up with some of you in the near future.
I hope we will see some pictures of the reunion on here for those of us who missed it.


08/24/08 12:32 AM #423    

Steven K. Frazier

Well I just got back from the reunion. I had a blast, it was good to see soo many after all these years. I had to leave early so I believe I'm the first to upload pics from the reunion I don't have many but I expect others have a lot more.

08/24/08 01:49 AM #424    

Brad Schmidt

Hey Steve,

For those of us who couldn't make it (in my case 2000 miles + or -). THANKS for taking the time to grab the pics and getting them posted, sooooo quick. All The Best!

08/24/08 03:42 AM #425    

Steven K. Frazier

My Pleasure!

08/24/08 09:56 AM #426    


James P. Simmons

Hi Steve!

Good to see you doing well. Also, thank you for posting pictures, wish I could have been there.

Jim Simmons

08/24/08 11:06 AM #427    


Dona M. Trabant (Inman)

Craig and all involved --

GREAT job bringing all of us together.
Best one yet. I have already been getting e-mails and pic's are being posted.

SO much fun.

Keep on keepin up and stay healthy.

till later

dona trabant

08/24/08 11:34 AM #428    

Adam Fka Kim Lee

I believe Craig and others who have helped him deserve a round of applause . . . Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!

Thanks again Craig!

08/24/08 11:45 AM #429    


Jeffrey S. Richards

I just wanted to say the reunion was a blast. It was so good to see everyone, I agree with Donna this was the best reunion yet. The night just flew by. Steve F. thanks for posting the pictures.

08/24/08 12:01 PM #430    

Judy D. Brevig (Haus)

All the "fun" of high school - none of the teen attitude! What could be better than old friends? Craig - you would be a hero (not that you aren't already) if you added a Reunion Photos page where everyone could post their candids.

Shout out to all the '78 Ladies -- you look fabulous!!

08/24/08 02:00 PM #431    

Steve Town

I whole heartedly second that, everyone looked Great!! Especially the Lady's!! Guy's how lucky were we?!

What a Great time last night! For those of you that couldn't make the reunion. There will be pictures & there will be posts but it will be very difficult to describe the feeling in the air last night. The akwardness of prior reunions (and school itself) seemed to have vanished. The commroderie was unmistakable! The comfort of being around "old" familiar faces felt very good! Truely the only people there last night that felt out of place. Where the people that worked for the Embassy Suites.

And finally a note, to many of you. Before the next reunion, you may want to look into getting your hands on some Gerital. I think it's suppose to help that tired, got go (home) feeling!

08/24/08 06:03 PM #432    

Susan Orrie (Somers)

This reunion was the best ever! It was so good to see and laugh with all of you. I agree, we should have a 50th birthday party weekend. Did I hear something about Vicky H. having it on her property. That sounds like SO much fun. I'm in.

08/24/08 07:03 PM #433    

Steve Town

I just posted the best group shot that I had & a Riverside shot on my profile page. I'm not going to post any others because in pretty much everyone. Someone in there somewhere is to contorted to see the humor in me posting their picture. Trust me on this one.

08/24/08 08:58 PM #434    


Dona M. Trabant (Inman)

Lets all work on the 50 year BIRTHDAY Bash together.
We talked about it at the pic-nic today. Great idea. For those that missed the pic-nic it was a GREAT day for it -- pic's will follow.

Soooo good to see so many happy people and fun stories.
We need to work on a story list for the next open mike.

Take care all and travel safe.

till later

shutter bug out

08/24/08 10:09 PM #435    


Kirk Talley

I have to agree with all the posts, so far, about the reunion. I think everyone is right on. :-) It would be great to get everyone together in two years.

Sue Ellen, Tom K., Betty, and Colleen...thanks for sharing a few memories.

08/25/08 03:16 AM #436    


Donald Bartosch

Now I'm ticked at my self for not going to all the reunions. I had a great time. I hope as we all turn 50 we can have another reunion.

Many thanks to Craig all those that helped out!!!!!

Don Bartosch

08/25/08 07:11 AM #437    

Kathy Rudenberg


You really did a great job at planning the reunion.
It was so much fun seeing everyone.

08/25/08 09:10 AM #438    

Adam Fka Kim Lee

I've posted a handful of photos from the reunion, as well as from the picnic and from the Bloomington Historical Society (for all you Bloomington nostalgia buffs) on my profile for all to enjoy.

The reunion was a blast! Wish we had more time!

The 50th birthday bash sounds good too . . . I'd be willing to fly in from Honolulu to do it!

08/25/08 09:17 AM #439    

Charles S. Steve Helman

I'm in for the 50th birthday bash...Ummm But here's an idea, How about we all fly to Honolulu for it???

It was really good to see everyone Saturday night. I to wish now that I would have attended other reunions in the past.

Thanks Graig and all for all you did to make the reunion a huge hit.

08/25/08 09:24 AM #440    


Kimberly A Stanford (McDonald)

Craig, Betty and all who helped -
Thanks so much for making this reunion the best one, so far! It was a lot of fun. The night went by too fast!
Thanks again,
Kim Stanford McDonald

08/25/08 10:36 AM #441    


Patrick J. Rogers

I am posting this for my good friend Chuck...


I need some help. The ship has cut me off from logging on to the web page. There have been messages sent to my email address saying I have messages but I can't get to them. Can you post this for me. My email
address: My apologies to those who have sent me responses (there have been over a dozen notifications) but I just can't get to them.
All of the messages on the web site has been a great lift in spirits.
As I looked through the pictures, I saw a lot of Harley Davidson's and must admit I now feel inadequate! I hope everyone had a great time at the reunion and I will have to wait until I get back to the states this fall to see the pictures.
Brian M, I did not get an email from you, keep trying. World events have a very big effect on our email accounts as you can imagine.
Laurie Brose, do you have any pictures of when Pat Rogers and I kidnapped you from your wedding and made you go to that dumpy train diner before the reception?
Chuck Luttrell

08/25/08 10:54 AM #442    


Dorene J. DeLong (Bartz)

It is wonderful to start seeing the pictures posted from the reunion and picnic. It looks like it was a great time. Sorry to have missed it.

Does anyone have a final total of how many were able to attend and a list of people who made it?

08/25/08 11:13 AM #443    

Giancarlo John Amato

Hey Everyone!

Sorry that I could not make our reunion, but it was agreed by the golf group that we should kick off our 50th year celebration with another Friday golf playday with more notice this time. We could end the day with a BBQ like has been already mentioned. If Vicki can't do it, can Wade or Kent host one at their homes? We can extend the celebration into Saturday with an evening party and pole-dancing demonstration by Sue Peterson-Polson and David A. Johnson!

I love the photos from Reunion! Everyone looked great! Our collective kudos should go out to Craig for his usual hard work with the reunion and this terrific web page. My brother, who is in the class of 1979, has been scanning its contents too and hoping that his class can put something together just like it for their reunion next year.

Can't wait for the photo page! Cheers to everyone!


08/25/08 11:35 AM #444    

Judy D. Brevig (Haus)

I have dibs on all the front row seats for the Sue P. pole dancing exhibition... tickets go on sale soon with proceeds benefitting the Men's Class of '78 Cardiac fund!

John - you crack me up!

08/25/08 11:54 AM #445    


Michelle Franz (Lisser)

Steve Town
Thanks for posting the Riverside photo too! Wish I could have been in it. Julie Olson doesnt look like she has aged at all!

Looks like you all had a great time, hope to see more reunion photos!

08/25/08 12:12 PM #446    


Cindy L. Westlund (Kriesel)

Craig & Betty - Thanks for putting together yet another fun JFK reunion! It was great to see everyone - I couldn't believe it when the lights came on and we were actually supposed to QUIT talking. What a great group of classmates we have. And thanks to everyone posting pictures too.

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