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07/18/16 05:48 AM #1512    


Dona M. Trabant (Inman)

I regret to inform all that a class mate has passed. Doug Utterberg died Saturday.  From all i know thus far he had complications with his heart.  Once i find out more and arrangements i will post.






07/18/16 10:30 AM #1513    


Thomas E. Hull

Are there any events or get togethers planned this summer?  I'm in the cities on and off in the next few weeks

07/18/16 08:58 PM #1514    


Dona M. Trabant (Inman)

Thomas --- you just missed the BIG firemans softball 3 day blast.  There is ALWAYS something going on -- check out the kennedy page on facebook too    76-77-78 JFK or Bloomington Kennedy class of of 76 -- we all post in both




07/19/16 07:33 PM #1515    


Dona M. Trabant (Inman)

Jackie Utterberg

Ok so as many of you know my dad, Doug Utterberg passed away Saturday, July 16th.
He went in to the ER for shortness of breath on Tuesday, July 6th and they di...scovered the aortic valve to his heart was too narrow and not functioning properly. He began to develop fevers (to which the doctors could not find an answer for) and his kidneys were not in good working condition. Over the next week and a half he developed a blood clot in his leg and other organs started to fail as well (could have been the shock his body experienced from the tube in his throat and having to lay in a bed sedated and on pain meds or because of the fact that his body was working so hard to beat the fever). Saturday morning his blood pressure was very low and the doctors tried everything they could to bring it up but nothing worked. So I got the call to come to the hospital and start preparing for the worst. His blood pressure continued to be low and his heart was working so hard to try and pump blood throughout his body but eventually he lost the fight and passed on at about 8pm. He was surrounded by family and close friends and we were able to say our goodbyes. My brother, Nick Utterberg lives in Idaho and was unable to be present but we were able to do live video so he could say goodbye to our dad.
He left this world peacefully and I am confident he is happy and in a good place. This time has been so difficult for my brother and I and we are forever grateful for the love and support everyone has given us. It's amazing to see all the people in my dads life that loved him so much and are willing to do anything to help. I can't say thank you enough to everyone.
Okay enough with the sad stuff. Moving on to the happy. My dads wishes were to be cremated and to be buried at Fort Snelling National Cemetery in Minnesota with his dad, his brother, and eventually where my grandma will be buried. There will be a Veteran's service in Minnesota at a future time whenever my grandma goes back there. I know my dad would not want to memorialize his death here in California but to celebrate his life. And that's what we're going to do.
So whoever would like to attend! We will be holding a celebration at ET's where he worked for a time as a bouncer. This will take place this Thursday, July 21st at 6pm til whenever. Come have a drink with my dad and share funny stories you have of him. If the bar scene isn't your thing or are unable to make it, then we will be having an open house / celebration of life at my dads house on Saturday, July 23rd. This will take place all day long so people will be able to visit whenever they have time. If you'd like to bring your favorite beer / booze or a dish to share that'd be nice. If you have any further questions you can let my brother or I know. We look forward to celebrating my dad with all of you. Thank you again! Our family and friends are truly the best!


07/19/16 08:46 PM #1516    


Dona M. Trabant (Inman)

I asked Doug's daughter if we could do a CELEBRATION of life when she brings him home .. for all those who would like to come ....


07/21/16 07:25 PM #1517    


Dona M. Trabant (Inman)

Aquatennial Kicks Off in Minneapolis

08/30/16 09:21 PM #1518    


Dona M. Trabant (Inman)


Update for Doug Utterberg ... His family (daughter) will be holding a service here in MN   Redemption Lutheran Church --- September 16 2016 ....... 11am ..... lunch to follow



09/21/16 06:35 PM #1519    


Dona M. Trabant (Inman)

Douglas S. Utterberg

age 56 of Murrieta, CA, passed away July 16, 2016. Preceded in death by father, Gerald and brother, Drew. Doug will be missed by his daughter, Jacqueline; son, Nicholas (Sara); mother, Patricia; extended family members and devoted friends. A memorial service will be held at 11:00 am, Friday, Sept. 16, 2016 at Redemption Lutheran Church, 927 East Old Shakopee Road, Bloomington. Visitation one hour before. Interment Ft. Snelling. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the Church or American Heart Association. 



09/21/16 06:38 PM #1520    


Dona M. Trabant (Inman)



was a sad day to have to tell his kids what a great guy their dad was .... would of been so much better to of had a party and said what a great guy he IS!!


See facebook for info -- under my name -- INVITE all class of 78 and ALL BAND MEMBERs --

lets CELEBRATE eachother together!!





11/21/16 09:34 AM #1521    


Michelle Franz (Lisser)

Happy Thanksgiving  Class of 1978 

The year has been full of blessings, I will not complain.  I'm praying for health & happiness for all of you, and that you wil be counting your blessings this Christmas & Hannakah Season.

Let's have Optimism as we look forward to 2017 and embrace The New Year. 

smiley Shelly 


01/15/17 01:11 PM #1522    


Sue McKinny (Short)

Sad news to report. Terry Andrada was murdered in San Diego this past Friday. From what I understand, Terry took in a young gal he knew who was afraid of an abusive boyfriend. The boyfriend went to Terry's home, shot Terry, the young gal and turned the gun on himself. I'm not sure how many of you will remember Terry - he went to Cedar Crest, Portland and maybe a little while at JFK - then when his family moved he went to Jefferson. He took me to JFK dances even after moving. A really sweet, funny guy - he will be missed. 

Does anyone else remember Mrs. Andrada yelling "Ruthie, Lisa, Terry Ben" at dinnertime?! 

01/15/17 08:41 PM #1523    


Dona M. Trabant (Inman)

Such a horriable thing!!! I will keep his family in my thoughts as they deal with such a tragic end.

01/16/17 09:26 AM #1524    

Thomas L. Pederson

He didn't move to Jefferson, he graduated with us - I was in JBs with him. Terribly sad story, he was a landlord - here is a link to the news story -

01/16/17 10:14 AM #1525    

Scott Pearson

Wow, that's terrible. Terry was a great guy.

01/16/17 01:42 PM #1526    

Cynthia A Johnson (Przybilla)


Sorry to hear this terrible news.  There is a GoFundMe set up for him.




01/16/17 04:15 PM #1527    


Thomas E. Hull

Very sad news. Terry was kind caring and funny. Everyone who was in JBs with Terry knows what a great guy he was   Rest In Peace Terry

05/26/17 11:39 AM #1528    


Elizabeth Wallace

Happy Birthday. Adam Lee and Sandra Gramlich! 🎂🎈🌞

10/13/17 06:50 PM #1529    


Dona M. Trabant (Inman)


Image result for class reunion 1978


10/15/17 03:36 PM #1530    


Thomas E. Hull

Hello everyone,

I just saw news on Facebook that Sally Consolati passed away (around October 11).  I don't have any details though.

Thomas Hull

10/15/17 06:58 PM #1531    


Susan M. Kusz (Evans)

It is sad to hear that people we graduated with have past on.  Loosing anyone especially childhood classmates can be difficult.  For me this year has been difficult loosing 3 family members mom, husband's brother and sister.  Good news also though one of my daughter's just got married and is expecting. If anyone is in the Duluth area she is on channel 6 news. My other daughter just turn 34 so I'm feeling my age now.

All my prayers are with those who have lost family members. Glad to be on this discussion board.


10/16/17 08:31 AM #1532    


Carol L Rickard (Schultz)

I agree with you Tom, it is sad to see our class diminish. I pray those that have passed lived life well and that we will recognize that life is short. Let's make the best of it by forgiving offenses, doing good to others, finding ways to be a blessing, and being thankful. 



10/16/17 08:33 AM #1533    


Carol L Rickard (Schultz)

Sue- congratulations! You must be very pleased with your children finding their way in life. Good job and well done!!

10/16/17 01:36 PM #1534    


Susan M. Kusz (Evans)

I agree with you Carol it is part of the reason I mentioned the fact that we have lost quite a few of our Class of 78.  The world is not the same as when we were in school but one thing remains the same the lack of peace especially in our own country.  We should all work toward getting along with others and not holding grudges life is too short.

Take care class of 78! I am looking forward to coming to the upcoming class reunion. 


10/18/17 07:20 AM #1535    


Michelle Franz (Lisser)

I have not heard details on Sally yet either .  Going to reach out to Cathy Clark, who has been pretty fairly close to her still, living  in the area .  I found out from Sharon   Jensen last week . No one seems to have details that I know. It's quite sad, Sally was a great person , she will be missed .<3


10/18/17 06:09 PM #1536    

Jenny Ler

Consolati, Sally

Age 57 of Bloomington. Beloved sister-in-law and aunt passed away peacefully due to an infection while fearlessly fighting cancer. She passed away Wednesday, October 11, 2017 with her family and friends by her side. Preceded in death by her father, Angiolino Consolati, her mother, Patricia Consolati, and her sister, Paula Scheffler. She is survived by her brother-in-law, George Scheffler; nephews, Dan and Stephen (Holly) Whittier; and many close relatives and friends. Sally worked at US Bank for the last 6 years and when she wasn't working she was traveling the world or hanging out with her family and friends. Memorial service Thursday, October 26th at 5 PM, Gill Brothers Bloomington Chapel, 9947 Lyndale Ave. South. Visitation one hour prior to service.
Gill Brothers 952-888-7771


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