30th Reunion Pics

Betty Pate Pictures: 

 I believe we know these 2!


 Jeff you never looked better!


 Let's give a shout out to our wonderful registration table volunteers!


 I like to call this shot "Tribute to the Blower at Portland"


 John Gorski, Betty Pate and Bret Corbin. Or as I like to say "My Guys"!


 Again, can we thank Jeff Garland's wife for letting us kidnap and keep him to ourselves!


 Steve Bergeson, Cheryl Brayton and Bret Corbin


 Let's say it together . . . "Oster, Oster, Oster"




 And the winner of the "So Glad You're Not Dead" award - Nick Minenko


 Let's face it - our class likes to have a good time!


 I think that Kim, Sue and Angie are thinking, "How lucky am I to be in a picture with Tami Melchisedech.


 I think I'll call this "Nick and his posse!"


 Yes, ladies & gentlemen, I give you, Brian McGinley!


 I'll just say this, "Some of this group lasted until 4:30 am


 Still crazy after all these years!


 Oh, yeah, Class of '78 - they've still got the moves!


 And the award for, "it just ain't a party without her" . . . KAREN GILBERTSON Karen, you are a party animal! -Kara


 Betty and Sue P - representin' Valley View


 Lori, Judy, Lisa and May


 Valley View Group


 Okay, you two, you don't look any different than in high school - I'm crying "FOUL"! Karin Lunde and Lisa Kuscienko


 Julie Boeser, you are just too cute!


Kathy Supalo Pictures:

Ellen Heitzman, Kathy Supalo, Pam Peterson


Riverside Elementary School Alumni


Lori Hutchinson Pictures:

Vicki King (Haugesag) - Tom Kumpf - Steve Everaert - Judy Pearson (Wencel) - Cheryl Brayton - Adam Lee


Sue Polson (Peterson) – Betty Jorgenson (Pate) – Judy Cenci (Brevig) – Kim Haupert (Joyce)


Brad King – Vicki King (Haugesag) – Jeff Garland – Cheryl Brayton



 Matt Harris – Randy Almsted – Sue Polson (Peterson)



 Betty Jorgenson (Pate) – Tom Kumpf


Steve Frazier Pictures:

Tom Lucius


Jerry Ingebrigtsen


Lois (Norrgard) Hansen and husband Gary Hansen


Steve Everaert

Shelly Pouti and  Steve Everaert


 Don Bartosch Pictures:


Don Bartosch, Jill Christina, Adam Lee


Dona Trabant, Don Bartosch


Mike Belew, Adam Lee, Dale Salisbury


Ellen Heitzman


Dale Salisbury, Rod Sipprell, Mike McKibbin


 Jeff Richards Pictures:

Chuck DeVito and Susan Orrie


Jeff Garland and Tom Lucius


Mike Ostlund and Bret Nordine


Sue Peterson's Pictures:

Al Puls and Suep

Betty Pate and Suep


Betty Pate, John Gorski, and Lori


Bill Sorenson, Dana Comstock, and Geoff Ebeling


Craig Wiklund and Marilyn Gould


Dawn Hazekamp and Suep


Elementary class


Geoff Ebeling and Suep


Jim Lindgren and Suep


Jim Lindgren, Lori Jenson, and Dave Oster


Joan and Suep

JT and Suep


Kirk Talley and Suep


Magoo and Suep


Gaye Hollenback and Dave Oster

Dave Oster and Suep


______, Steve Phelps, and Rene Knafla


Suep, Kim Stanford, and Tami Melchisedech


Tom Fisher, Sue P, and Brian McGroarty


Cindy Westlund's pictures:


 Cedarcrest Elementary School Alums



Seated left to right: Karin Lunde, Julie Meuhlbauer - Standing: Cindy Westlund, Jenny L, Lisa Kuscienko, Debbie Van Pelt


F. Wilson Pond group, second try


Marilyn Gould and husband Russ


Laura Standing and Karen Dahl


Cindy Westlund and Julie Muehlbauer


John Amato's Golf Day Picture at Dwan:

Left to Right:  Heidi Holland (Skaret), Sue Peterson (Polson), Lori Jensen (Eicher), Matt Harris, Brian Kuznia, Shirley Tesch (Propp), Dave Merrick, Mike Belew. 


Jenny L Pictures:


Seated left to right: Karin Lunde, Julie Meuhlbauer - Standing: Cindy Westlund, Jenny L, Lisa Kuscienko, Debbie Van Pelt


Dona Trabant's pictures:

 Dale Salisbury and Kirk Talley 


class pic 

CEDAR CREST ELEM MINUS SHIRLEY TESCH; KIM Mc AND KATHY (party poopers) MIKE B what is YOUR excuse - where were you?


Dona Trabant and Cheryl Brayton - party is just starting!


Hey Shirley -- did not get completely out on us!


look at those smiles !!

Open Mike "MC" Kirk Talley

Cedar Crest girls

Steve Town is still giving free rides!

Craig Wiklund--smiling at last, after all the years of straight face in the yearbook.

'the girls'

Marilyn Gould and Steve Town




Patty Wittstruck and Rhonda Anderson

Dale Salisbury and  Steve Bergesen



look out for security !!


Steve is still feeling NO pain!


___, _____, and Tom Kumpf at the pic nic


Don Bartosh

sorry bonz -- didn;t mean to get the back side.. Bob Seger and Steve Town


am i getting old or was the music loud??? I felt like my parents -- TURN DOWN THAT MUSIC!!


JFK Band presents John Gorski,Bret Corbin, Steve Dix and help me with the lady here.. Steve's wife i believe ...


this is as close to loading the video i can get sorry Jeff had good shots of you and Laurie cutting the rug too!!



Craig and pre-hung over Steve !!


now tell me WHO let their under age kid in ??? Betsy forgot to grow up past 16 didn't she?? Kim's looking good too! Great Hair cut!


Nick is still HOT - he gets all the girls!!  (Betty, Kim, Betsy)


Adam Lee - Steve Bergesen - Don Bartosh (not sure who's nose is sticking out of don's head though...??)


i admit -lousy angle -- great smile!! When does Cheryl NOT smile?



Marilyn Gould's Pictures:

Carolyn Sauer, Karin Lunde, Marilyn and Debbie VanPelt


Chuck Helman, Marilyn Gould, and Robin Sjostrom


Donna Trabant, May Woo, and Marilyn Gould


Mary Hendrikson and Marilyn Gould




Julie Boeser and Cindy Westlund


Karen Dahl and Matt Harris


Kim Stanford and Cindy Westlund






Bob Smith, Tami Melchisedek, Marilyn Gould, and Jim Albertson



Geoff Ebeling, Marilyn Gould, Kirk Talley



 Kim McNamee and Marilyn Gould



Marilyn Gould, Cathy Casey, and Bret Corbin




Adam Lee's Pictures:


Rod Sipprell, Paul Olsen, Mike Mckibben, Dale Salisbury, Adam Lee (from Adam Lee)



Jackie Aldridge, Don Bartosch, Adam   (from Adam Lee)



Julie Boeser and Seth O'Hara (oops, sorry about cutting you in half Seth)  (from Adam Lee)



  Adam, Peggy Leach, Stuart Mager, Karin Lunde, Kelly Coleman    (from Adam Lee)


 Kelly Coleman and Steve Eliason     (from Adam Lee)



  Stuart Mager, Kelly Coleman, Sue Ellen Peterson      (from Adam Lee)



  F. Wilson Pond first partial group shot. Front row: Judy Brevig, Karin Lunde, Cindy Westlund, Lori Jensen, Rod Sipprell, Tami Melchesidech. . . . Back row: Steve Eliason, David Johnson, Jim Albertson, Kelly Coleman, Bill Schorn, Lois Norrgard, Adam Lee   (from Adam Lee)


 Reunion picnic . . . Dale Salisbury       (from Adam Lee)



 Reunion picnic . . . Don Bartosch and Dona Trabant       (from Adam Lee)



 Reunion picnic . . . Steve Everart and Mike Belew . . . in the back is Tom Kumpf, Susan Orrie, Don Bartosch and Donna Trabant    (from Adam Lee)


 Reunion picnic . . . Tom Kumpf        (from Adam Lee)


  Reunion picnic . . . Mike Belew      (from Adam Lee)



Reunion picnic . . . Donna Trabant    (from Adam Lee)








Front Row: Vicki Haugesag, Renee Knafla, Shelly Pouti Back Row: Betty Pate, Lori Hutchinson,Karen Gilbertson, Kim Joyce, Beth Kerrigan, Judy Brevig